Windows 95/98 Modem Setup

Windows 95 and 98 include all of the necessary components for you to get connected with Internet Techs. 

These instructions can be used to setup a new connection, or to ensure that your current connection is configured properly.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 405-386-1218. 


  • Windows 95 or 98 must be installed on your system.
  • The Windows installation CD.
  • An account with Internet Techs.
  • Your username and password.
  • The Internet Complete dial-up number:  415-2700 or 600-0649

Windows 95/98 Internet Setup Instructions

Begin by double-clicking on the My Computer icon located on your desktop (your desktop is the main screen that you see when you first boot up your computer that has all of your icons listed).  After you do this you should see a window similar to the one below.

Next, double click on the Dial-Up Networking folder.

When you open the 'Dial-up Networking' folder it will look similar to the one below, however yours may have additional icons in it.  Now locate the 'Make New Connection' icon and double click it.

When you double click the 'Make New Connection' icon, a setup wizard will open and assist you in creating a new connection (see graphic below).  Here is where you can create a new Dial-Up Networking entry. 

Start by naming the connection Internet Techs.

Your current modem should already be listed as the device (windows does this automatically so do not change it unless the modem listed is incorrect or you have more than one modem installed).  Click Next to continue.

Enter our dial-up phone number  415-2700 where instructed, and click next.

Congratulations!  You have successfully created a new Dial-Up Networking connection.  Click Finish to continue.

You will now see the Internet Complete!  Dial-Up Icon listed in the 'Dial-Up Networking" folder.  Right click on the icon, and choose properties.

Click on the Server Type tab at the top (it may be a button on some versions). Uncheck all the boxes except Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP. Your screen should look like the one below. Click OK to exit the dialog, then OK again to save the changes.

Setup of your Internet Techs! account is now finished.  Double click on the Internet Complete! icon.  Enter your username and password.