Windows 2000 Setup

Windows 2000 includes all of the necessary components for you to get connected with Internet Techs. 

These instructions can be used to setup a new connection, or to ensure that your current connection is configured properly.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 405-386-1218. 


  • Windows 2000 must be installed on your system.
  • The Windows installation CD.
  • An account with Internet Techs
  • Your username and password.
  • The Internet Techs dial-up number:  415-2700 or 600-0649

Windows 2000 Internet Setup Instructions

Setting Up Your Modem:

If the correct driver for your make and model of modem is installed, you can skip this and go to the section Setting Up Network and Dial-up Connections for Internet Explorer. Windows 2000 will detect the modem attached to your computer when Windows has started or when you plug in your modem and turn it on. Either way, the Found New Hardware Wizard should start. If it does not start, you can start it manually by doing the following: 

  • Double click on "My Computer" 

  • Double click on Control Panel

  • Double click on the Phone and Modem Options icon 

  • Go to the Modems tab If there is a driver already installed, make sure the displayed driver is correct for your modem. If a Standard Modem is installed please note this is a generic modem driver which may cause dropouts or unable to connect error messages; To change the driver:

  • Select the modem(s) 

  • Click Remove 

  • Click Add

  • A window should appear called the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard. If you have Windows 2000 drivers for your modem either on CD/disk or have downloaded them off the internet, it is best to select the "Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list." Otherwise leave this unchecked and click Next. If you checked 'select from list' you'll be prompted with a manufacturers and models list of modems. Click on Have disk and specify the location your CD/disk, then select the appropriate driver. Click Next, highlight the correct COM Port for your modem, click Next and then click Finish. 

Setting up Network and Dial Up Connections:

  • Double click on "My Computer"

  • Double click on Control Panel

  • Double click on Network and Dial-up connections 

  • Double click on Make New Connection If this is the first time you have configured Windows 2000 to dial a connection for you, a location information window will appear. Put in the correct country and area code information and then select OK. Click OK again in the Phone and Modem Options window.

  • The Network Connection Wizard Should now start:

  • Select "Dial-up to the Internet" and select Next 

  • Select "I want to set up my internet connection manually, or want to connect through a local area network (LAN)" and select Next 

  • Choose modem, ensure that the correct modem has been selected and click Next.

  • Select "I want to connect through a phone line and a modem," select Next 

  • Type 4152700 in the Telephone Number field, make sure that the "Use area code and dialing rules" is not checked and select Next

  • Type in your INTERNETTECHS user name and password in the appropriate field, click Next 

  • Type in what you would like to call the connection that has just been configured, for exmaple:  "Internet Techs" and select Next

  • Congratulations!  You're ready to connect to Internet Techs using Windows 2000!